Klamath Tribal Council Member Natalie Ball’s art exhibit at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City

Klamath Tribal Council Member Natalie Ball has an art exhibit at The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City (https://whitney.org/exhibitions/natalie-ball). She will also be joined by her children and return to the Whitney Museum in January to teach classes to the youth and families, including information about our c’waam and koptu, and to hold a panel discussion about the exhibition.

She sat down for a Q&A to discuss the exhibit.

How did you get this invitation for the show?

It was an invitation approved by a committee, and the invitation was sent by curator Jennie Goldstein, who can explain the selection process.

How long have you been an artist and what is your artistic style, medium?

I use the art form of assemblage paired with autoethnography, gesture, materiality, and humor to reflect the complexity of Native American lives, like my own, to better understand ourselves, the nation, and necessarily our shared experiences and histories.

When did you first begin studying art? Do you have formal training?

Formally at the University of Oregon double major in Art and Indigenous Race, and Ethic Studies; Massey University in New Zealand, MA Maori Visual Arts; Yale School of Art, MFA Painting and Printmaking.

Is there an Indigenous artist or artists you admire, and who was an influence on you?

No, but my visual archive of artists includes Rebecca Belmore, Pope L., Annie Pootoogook (love!), Senga Nengudi, Beau Dick, my Aunt Peggy Ball who taught me how to quilt and was a painter as well.

Where do you expect to travel next for an exhibition?

I do a lot of traveling for lectures and shows nationwide, this coming year included. I am excited for Denmark. I plan to resume my research which will take me back to the Southern United States and archives in Washington D.C.

Do you anticipate holding a local exhibit in Klamath County or Chiloquin?

I don’t have anything on my calendar, but I would love to help curate or advise exhibitions at these local institutions and help with future programming that’s more inclusive of our Tribal Community and artists.